F A Q's

Frequently Asked  Questions:


1. What colors do you mold the Bleacher Feature unit in, currently?

  • Red, White, Blue and Black

2. How much does the backrest weigh?

  • Each backrest weighs approximately 24 ozs (1lb. 8oz)

3. What is the minimum number of units for a wholesale order?

  • We produce a minimum of 24 units for each wholesale order.

4. What is the width of the seating area that the unit covers?

  • The Bleacher Feature expands to cover the standard 18 inch seating area.

5. What is a licensing agreement, and who does it cover?

  • The licensing agreement gives Creative Ventures LLC the right to produce a backrest using an organization's logo/or specific image. It is an agreement between the company and the organization. The organization will receive compansation for every unit which is sold that carries the organizational logo.

6. What is the "Demo-Bench"?

  • The Demo-Bench is a short section of bleacher seating, with two detachable legs, which can be setup anywhere, to show how Amazingly Comfortable the backrest is.