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  • Profit Like never Before!!

Fundraiser Information

Are you apart of an organization that uses fundraising to raise money? Creative Ventures LLC (The Bleacher Feature) will provide assistance to Fundraising Groups to help them raise money for their cause! We offer 2 programs and both include the following:

  • Free Quote: determine your groups ideal profit margin
  • Free Delivery: within the 15 miles of the Picayune, MS area
  • Free Digital Design Proof
  • Free Order Form: Customized for your fundraiser
  • Free Online Webpage for Retail Sales
  • Reduced Setup Fee
  • Reduced Custom Graphic Fee
  • No deposit
  • Colors - Red, White, Blue, and Black backrests

Program 1: Raise Funds through Online Sales!

Simple Math

This is our most popular program. This allows the fundraisee to collect orders through traditional Paper Order forms and also through our new Website! This package also includes:

  • Take orders using traditional Paper Order forms
  • Take orders Online!
  • Orders will be packaged and shipped directly to the end user.
  • No Investment in Inventory

Program 2: Purchase for Profit!

Bulk Order

This wholesale program is tailored for those who want to buy a set amount of backrest and re-sell them to make a profit. Simply figure up how many backrest and colors you might need, place your order then re-sell! This program also includes

  • Minimum order of 2 dozen required
  • Itemized sales form

Peace of Mind Fundraising Tool

  • Allow the public to find out first hand, how Amazingly Comfortable the Bleacher Feature unit is.
  • We offer a Demo-Bench for use anywhere a standard set of bleachers or picnic table are not available.
  • The unit can be taken apart and reassembled in a couple of minutes, for transport in your vehicle.
  • It holds 2-3 units, to demonstrate the comfort, control (18" wide seating), and flexibility of the backrest.
  • To get your fundraising campaign off on the right foot, order a Demo-Bench to show your fans how Amazingly Comfortable the Bleacher Feature can be.

Contact us at 800-610-5075 for details!

Bleacher Feature Demo-Bench